Friday, 9 March 2012

Sweet and Bitter Memory

After calling Kieno cornea, i always laugh like a mad person whenever i think of that incident.. Like seriously it is soooooooooo funny I can't stop laughing!!!

So Humiliated!!!

I was studying science. It was my March test. Everyone was busy revising.
( This is where the tragic incident happens )
I was revising the parts of the eye...
I went through all the parts of the eye...
Then i finally came to the cornea...
As i was reading the function of cornea,
I wanted to call my fwen Sakinah a.k.a. Kieno
I accidentally called her CORNEA!!!
As i was memorising the function of cornea...
And if i called her cornea slowly it won't be that humiliating..
I called her loudly like CORNEAA!!!!
So malu...
Then she laughed continously